One week in…

Wordcount : 8,766
Mo’ : stubbly (picture to follow)

It’s been a week since I started both NaNoWriMo and Movember, and you’ll no doubt have noticed that I haven’t blogged much about it yet. Writing, it seems, gets in the way of writing.

So, as expected I’ve been doing a lot of sitting at a desk and typing; although not actually enough so far. I should have written some 11,169 words by now, so I am 2,903 words behind (or just under two days in NaNo-time). Partly this is because my life is generally pretty busy, but it’s also because new impediments to writing seem to spring up all the time.

Towards the end of last week, for example, I was rudely awakened by a loud dripping noise at 5am to discover my boiler leaking, and then was unable to sleep, which led to a very unproductive day. I was also unable to make my wordcount over the weekend due to being kidnapped by @abiknipe for a weekend away in Portsmouth, which was fantastic and probably warrants a blog post itself if I can ever find the time.

One of my friends has suggested that I post a sentence or two that I am most pleased with each day. I’m considering it, but the truth is that due to writing under harsh time constraints a lot of my output is very rough, to be revised after November, and I’m not sure I’m ready for it to be read. However there is the odd bit that I am very pleased with, so I may post some excerpts over the coming days.

I now find myself having to write a new daily average of some 1,874 words per day. Back to the novel it is then…

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  1. Gemma says:

    good luck

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